Learn to Fly With Lapeer Aviation

Learn to Fly With Lapeer Aviation

Ask about our flight training and aircraft rental services in Lapeer, MI

Ready to soar to new heights? Get in touch with Lapeer Aviation Inc. today to sign up for flight training in Lapeer, MI. We'll connect you with a certified flight instructor (CFI) who will teach you how to operate a plane safely. During flight training, your CFI will:

  • Educate you on the equipment in the cockpit
  • Show you how to read the instruments in your aircraft
  • Teach you to fly in various weather conditions

All of our flight training courses are held at Dupont-Lapeer Airport. Call 810-664-6966 now to sign up for flight training from Lapeer Aviation.

Rent a plane for the day

Looking for an aircraft rental in Lapeer, MI? Lapeer Aviation has a Piper Warrior (N8383V) for rent at the Dupont-Lapeer Airport. For just $110 an hour, you can take our aircraft up in the air. To reserve our plane, click the link and sign in to your Flight Schedule Pro account.

All reservations must be approved by our CFI.

For more details about our aircraft rental services, contact Lapeer Aviation today.